Repaving your driveway may make a big impact on how attractive and useful your property looks and functions. However, it’s important to comprehend the aspects that affect the project’s ultimate cost before beginning. The size of the driveway, its current condition, accessibility issues, and material preferences are some of the factors that affect the costs. 

Hence the team at Patch and Seal would like you to know the average cost of driveway repaving in Ottawa.

What Factors Can Influence the Cost of Driveway Repaving?

Driveway Repaving Cost factors

According to the most current estimate from, repaving an asphalt driveway for the average 2-car driveway costs $4,300, but prices can vary widely. This can be anywhere from $1,700 and $6,900. Budgeting $4 to $15 per square foot for a 24’x24’ asphalt driveway project, which includes $1,800 to $4,200 for supplies and installation, should be adequate for the majority of driveways.

The variance in prices of repaving a driveway depends on a number of factors, including:

Driveway Size

Your driveway’s size will directly impact how much asphalt you need, how many labourers you need, and how long the process will take in total.
Naturally, larger driveways will cost more to build than smaller ones since they require more labour and supplies.

Current Condition

The state of your present driveway influences the price. Before repaving, further repair work may be required if your driveway
has substantial cracks, potholes, or other issues. This may entail repairing holes and cracks or even removing the entire pavement.
The cost will vary depending on how extensive the repairs are.

summer season asphalt paving crewAccessibility

Your driveway’s accessibility may have an impact on the price. The labour charges may go up if getting to your driveway is difficult owing to obstructions, constrained passageways, or restricted space. To finish the project, contractors might need to utilize specialized tools or take extra measures, which could raise costs.

Asphalt’s Thickness and Quality

The price of repaving might vary depending on the thickness and calibre of the asphalt utilized. Asphalt layers that are thicker are more durable and better able to resist high traffic. Though more materials are needed for thicker layers, this might raise the price. In addition, more expensive asphalt could be of greater quality.

Setting Up the Site

Cost estimation heavily depends on the preparation work required before repaving.
Usually, this entails tearing up the old pavement, which might cost money for labour and disposal.
In addition, grading the surface to guarantee correct
water drainage, taking care of any underlying soil difficulties,
and compacting the foundation are necessary processes that could call for more labour and supplies, influencing the entire cost.

Additional Features

The price may go up if your driveway has distinctive characteristics like curves, slopes, or elaborate decorations.
When repaving, these elements necessitate more consideration and work. The extra attention that contractors
would need to take while applying and shaping the asphalt will raise labour expenses.
Additionally, specialist tools or methods can be required, raising the entire cost.

Local Labour and Materials Costs

Depending on the geography and the state of the local economy, labour and material prices might change.
The total cost may be affected by variables including the availability of skilled labour, contractor competition,
and changes in material pricing. When generating an estimate, contractors will take these aspects into account.

Driveway Repaving Cost resurfacing

Repaving vs Resurfacing

The cost of resurfacing is often lower than that of repaving a driveway. Resurfacing and repaving have different costs mostly because of the labour and supplies required.

Resurfacing, often referred to as overlaying, is placing a fresh layer of asphalt over the current pavement. As long as the current driveway is in reasonably excellent shape and serves as a basis, resurfacing may be a financially advantageous choice. Cleaning the surface, patching any holes or cracks, and finally laying down a new asphalt layer are typical steps in the procedure.

Repaving, on the other hand, entails completely removing the current pavement and beginning again. More people, resources, and equipment are needed for this procedure. Excavation of the old driveway is followed by preparation or replacement of the base and installation of a fresh asphalt covering. When the present driveway is significantly harmed or the base is undermined, repaving is required.

Resurfacing requires less labour and resources than repaving since it builds on the basis of the already-existing driveway.
Resurfacing is therefore usually less expensive.

It’s crucial to keep in mind nonetheless that not all circumstances call for resurfacing. Repaving your driveway can be essential for long-lasting benefits if it has serious structural problems or the base is weak. It is essential to get advice from a qualified paver who can evaluate the state of your driveway and provide the best solution for your individual requirements and price range. Based on the suggested strategy for your specific scenario, they will be able to provide you with a pricing estimate.

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