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Never worry about uneven surfaces or tripping hazards

Many factors might cause concrete floors to become uneven. If you want to lay stone, wood, or tile over an uneven floor, uneven surfaces present challenges. Uneven concrete surfaces produce hazardous working conditions that endanger personnel, tools, and goods.

At Patch and Seal, we have years of experience in the industry, and our team of experts is fully certified and insured. We use the latest technologies and equipment to provide our Ottawa clients with the best possible service. Our concrete leveling services in Ottawa are available for both residential and commercial properties.

We’ll smooth out your driveway, road, or sidewalk so you don’t have to worry about uneven surfaces or tripping hazards. Contact us today to get started!

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Experience Reliable Concrete Levelling Services in Ottawa

Every Ottawa homeowner is aware that unevenness and cracks in concrete may be both unsafe and ugly. Cracks not only look bad, but they can also put people in danger of falling and letting moisture soak in, which can cause more harm. These problems can be addressed by concrete leveling and repair. While repairs entail plugging holes and fractures, leveling requires lifting concrete that has sunk to its original place.

Concrete can look better and be safer to walk on thanks to our concrete leveling and repair services in Ottawa. Concrete leveling and repair can also contribute to a longer lifespan for concrete by halting additional deterioration. This is why it is a crucial service that every homeowner should think about.

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Pay attention to the following signs on your concrete pavement and driveway. If your driveway has one or more of the signs listed below, contact us at Patch and Seal to see if you might require concrete leveling.

  • Look for noticeable changes in the surface elevation, such as dips or slopes.
  • Check for standing water or puddles, as these can indicate uneven surfaces.
  • Pay attention to any cracks, especially if they seem to be widening or spreading.
  • If you notice difficulty walking or driving smoothly over the surface, it may be uneven.

The following are common signs of uneven concrete:

  • Uneven surfaces may exhibit visible cracks, heaving, or settling.
  • Sections of the driveway or sidewalk may appear sunken or raised compared to others.
  • Water pooling in specific areas after rainfall can indicate unevenness.
  • If you notice an uneven wear pattern on the surface, it could be a sign of underlying issues.

The following factors affect the concrete leveling process timeline:

  • The duration can vary based on the extent of the unevenness and the size of the area.
  • Smaller projects might be completed in a day, while larger or more complex jobs could take longer.
  • Factors such as weather conditions and curing time might also influence the overall timeline.

Although it primarily addresses surface unevenness, concrete leveling can also help with minor cracks. Minor surface cracks can be mitigated as the leveling process redistributes the concrete. Additional repairs may be required for significant cracks or structural issues, and Patch and Seal can offer guidance on the best course of action. Concrete leveling is a preventive strategy, thus it cannot be a comprehensive fix for every kind of damage.

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“They were very polite and very hard working. I would recommend the patch and seal team to everyone. Reasonable price and top notch work.”

Nhat Tran

“We just had our driveway sealed by Kyle & Mario. Very happy with the end result. Their attention to detail was impeccable. I highly recommend these two professionals.”

Allan Alguire

“Great job! I gotta say I was a bit leery about buying from a company selling door to door but since there was no contract or deposit required up front I was willing to take a chance on them. And it paid off. The team that arrived to do the work were very professional in their look, their speech and in their work. On time, clean, respectful and great work for a fair price. What more can you ask for?”

Catherine Fair

“We are very pleased with the excellent job done by The Patch and Seal Team. We had the ramp on our driveway replaced and everything resealed. Jesse and his crew showed up on time, were professional, and very efficient. They even guaranteed their work (which is rare for asphalt repairs) all at a very fair price! Thank you again to owner Jesse Morrison and your crew!”

Nancy Chow Jolliffe

“These guys are top notch! Went out of their way to meticulously clean our driveway and did a fantastic job on the cracks. Every line was perfectly clean. Really impressed!”

Andrew Krisciunas