Providing timely, thorough snow clearing & snow removal in Ottawa and surrounding areas



Quality snow removal services for Ottawa driveways, walkways, laneways, parking lots & more

Ottawa winters are notoriously long and harsh. Snow and ice buildup can occur quickly, become an impediment to getting into or out of your property as well as a hazard. That’s why many homeowners and property managers trust us for winter services such as snow clearing and snow removal.

We serve Ottawa, Orleans, Gloucester and Cumberland with rapid response service for snow clearing and snow removal. Driveways, walkways, laneways and more – our teams are ready for whatever winter brings our way, here at your service.


Ready around the clock, 24/7, to help you when winter strikes – snow clearing, snow removal & more

Whether you are a homeowner or property manager, you know the importance of proper, timely snow clearing – and the frustration of not getting it done. Rather than trust your snow removal to a fly-by-night operation, why not hire the trusted pros?! We serve Orleans, Cumberland & Ottawa communities with experienced crews that will get the job done right.

Snow shoveling can be back-breaking work for a homeowner, especially in big snowstorms or when the street plow leaves a mountain at the end of your driveway. Why not hire the pros to take care of this for you?!



Stay in the comfort of your home while we clear your driveway

Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning and discovering a foot of fresh white snow in the front yard and until April rolls around, it isn’t going anywhere. While clearing your driveway is a time-consuming task, it’s also a massive health risk for older homeowners and residents!

Stay warm inside and let our team of trained professionals and equipment safely clean your driveway so you can really enjoy these cold winter months, and focus on what really matters.



What our clients are saying about us


“They were very polite and very hard working. I would recommend the patch and seal team to everyone. Reasonable price and top notch work.”

Nhat Tran

“We just had our driveway sealed by Kyle & Mario. Very happy with the end result. Their attention to detail was impeccable. I highly recommend these two professionals.”

Allan Alguire

“Great job! I gotta say I was a bit leery about buying from a company selling door to door but since there was no contract or deposit required up front I was willing to take a chance on them. And it paid off. The team that arrived to do the work were very professional in their look, their speech and in their work. On time, clean, respectful and great work for a fair price. What more can you ask for?”

Catherine Fair

“We are very pleased with the excellent job done by The Patch and Seal Team. We had the ramp on our driveway replaced and everything resealed. Jesse and his crew showed up on time, were professional, and very efficient. They even guaranteed their work (which is rare for asphalt repairs) all at a very fair price! Thank you again to owner Jesse Morrison and your crew!”

Nancy Chow Jolliffe

“These guys are top notch! Went out of their way to meticulously clean our driveway and did a fantastic job on the cracks. Every line was perfectly clean. Really impressed!”

Andrew Krisciunas


While DIY is tempting, there are many good reasons not to shovel snow all through the winter. Shoveling snow and ice has known health risks for people with back, heart and other health issues. If there’s a big storm overnight or while you’re at work – or the city plow comes by and leaves a mountain of ice (“windrows”) at the end of your driveway – it can be a mammoth task. Professional snow plowing, snow clearing & snow removal services are a convenient and handy way to stay dry, warm and safe in the Ottawa wintertime.

We’ve been providing winter services such as snow plowing, snow clearing and snow removal in Orleans, Cumberland and other Ottawa communities for many years. We know pavement, indeed, with our background in driveway patching & sealing. We’ve since expanded to serve Ottawa area homeowners & property managers with other quality services year-round. In the winter than means snow clearing & snow removal. We work hard to keep your pavement clear, clean and safe.

It’s called “windrows” – and it’s super-annoying, isn’t it? Unfortunately, windrows, or those mountains of snow and ice left behind by the city’s snowplows, are a sad reality of life in Ottawa and the toll those harsh winters take on us. We’re happy to include windrows as part of our residential & commercial snow clearing & snow removal services. Pro tip: if the windrows are becoming excessive, you can send a request to your city councillor’s office to let them know.

Every winter in Ottawa is different. Some years we get more snow than others. When you sign up for our snow clearing & snow removal services, we’ll let you know about the terms of service such as limits or minimums, etc.