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Patch and Seal is a trusted, experienced revpaving service provider in Ottawa & surrounding areas

A damaged driveway can be an eye sore. Many factors can be responsible for paved surface damage ranging from lousy workmanship to water damage. Replacing an existing driveway involves assessment of cause, peeling and dumping old asphalt, sub-grading, and new professional compaction work.

Patch and Seal is a trusted, experienced provider of paving in Ottawa & surrounding communities. Our trained paving crews’ attention to detail and thorough work translate to a final product that you will be pleased to look at for years to come – and one that holds up well to the elements.

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Are you considering having your driveway repaved?

Knowing when to replace your driveway is crucial for maintaining the integrity and safety of your property. Signs that indicate it’s time for a driveway replacement include extensive cracks, deep potholes, or severe deterioration.

It is advisable to think about replacing your asphalt driveway if it is more than 15 years old and exhibiting severe wear and tear. Additionally, it’s a definite sign that the structural integrity of your driveway has been affected if you see sinking spots, uneven surfaces, or water pooling problems. Don’t wait for these problems to worsen and pose potential hazards.

Our experts will carry out a comprehensive evaluation and present you with reliable options. Trust patch and seal to ensure a smooth, durable, and aesthetically pleasing asphalt solution for your home.

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What our clients are saying about us


“They were very polite and very hard working. I would recommend the patch and seal team to everyone. Reasonable price and top notch work.”

Nhat Tran

“We just had our driveway sealed by Kyle & Mario. Very happy with the end result. Their attention to detail was impeccable. I highly recommend these two professionals.”

Allan Alguire

“Great job! I gotta say I was a bit leery about buying from a company selling door to door but since there was no contract or deposit required up front I was willing to take a chance on them. And it paid off. The team that arrived to do the work were very professional in their look, their speech and in their work. On time, clean, respectful and great work for a fair price. What more can you ask for?”

Catherine Fair

“We are very pleased with the excellent job done by The Patch and Seal Team. We had the ramp on our driveway replaced and everything resealed. Jesse and his crew showed up on time, were professional, and very efficient. They even guaranteed their work (which is rare for asphalt repairs) all at a very fair price! Thank you again to owner Jesse Morrison and your crew!”

Nancy Chow Jolliffe

“These guys are top notch! Went out of their way to meticulously clean our driveway and did a fantastic job on the cracks. Every line was perfectly clean. Really impressed!”

Andrew Krisciunas


Not always! We’ll pay a visit to your home or commercial property and inspect the premises to determine the best course of action. When possible, we will recommend asphalt repair, sealing and perhaps some repainting. In other cases the pavement is at or beyond its useful life cycle and the parking lot needs to be repaved.

While some larger properties have enough people on their maintenance staffs to carry out a parking lot repaving, it’s a lot of work. Most property managers and homeowners in Ottawa find the best results by hiring pavement pros to pave driveways, laneways, parking lots, or for services such as asphalt repair, parking lot painting, painting curbs, etc.

We gladly invite you to read our reviews on Google and other trusted review sites. At Patch and Seal, we take great pride in the commercial property paving & repair work we do, and we’re proud of the reviews, referrals and repeat business we’ve earned for our Ottawa asphalt repair & paving services.

Our sealer is 100% liquid asphalt, it is the same product used to make pavement but without the sand and rocks. We apply it at high pressure to ensure maximum penetration. This process restores your driveway’s strength, durability and appearance while prolonging its life.

Resurfacing: Resurfacing, usually referred to as overlaying, is the process of adding a fresh layer of asphalt on top of the previous one. It is used to repair minor faults and rejuvenate the surface and is normally 1.5 to 2 inches thick. It does not necessitate significant base repairs. When the base is still structurally sound and the main problems are surface-related, such as minor cracks and wear, resurfacing is a financially sensible option.

Repaving: Repaving, on the other hand, entails totally removing the present asphalt and starting again. The usual steps in this procedure are to excavate the old surface, prepare the base properly, and pave it with a fresh layer of asphalt. When the driveway’s foundation is undermined, there are significant cracks or potholes, or the driveway is beyond repair, repaving is required.

You should consider repaving your asphalt driveway under the following circumstances:

Severe Structural Issues: To preserve the driveway’s lifespan and stability, repaving is required if the driveway’s base is seriously damaged or unstable.

Widespread Cracks & Potholes: Repaving is a preferable option if there are numerous, significant cracks and potholes that resurfacing cannot adequately solve.

Age and Excessive Wear: Repaving can give your driveway a new, long-lasting surface if it is much older and exhibits extensive wear.

Frequent Repairs: Repaving your driveway may end up being more cost-effective in the long term if you periodically patch or repair the same spots.

Yes, you can resurface an asphalt driveway that has sustained substantial damage or cracks, but it’s crucial to treat the root causes as well. When repaving, the base should be properly excavated to allow for examination and needed repairs. Repaving can successfully revitalize a driveway that has experienced significant damage or aging by resolving structural faults and delivering a new, smooth surface.

It’s important to seek professional advice to evaluate the state of your current driveway and decide if resurfacing or repaving is the best course of action.