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Driveway sealing helps make a great first impression of your home & adds functionality

Asphalt repairs should be part of your regular home maintenance. That’s because your asphalt driveway takes a pounding every day. Sun, rain, snow, heat, the weight of your vehicle all conspire to weaken your driveway. Big or small, rectangular or with a semi-circle. Flat or on a grade.

The Patch and Seal Team protects and restores your driveway with quality, care and expertise. The Patch and Seal Team can seal, restore, repair, beautify and protect just about any residential driveway. Contact Patch and Seal to seal in your investment.

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Got cracks in your driveway? Patch and Seal is your go-to for crack sealing.

We perform residential pavement repair services including the following:

  • Asphalt sealing
  • Crack filling
  • Hot asphalt repairs
  • Cut out, Ramps, Lips, Pot holes
  • Paving
  • Line painting
  • Parging

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Why you need to repair cracks and seal your driveway

One of the most cost-effective methods to extend the life of your pavement is to maintain and preserve it. A typical pavement maintenance programme can cost up to six times as much as repair and replacement. Water will not be able to reach the sub-base if cracks are sealed. Potholes should be patched as soon as possible to avoid liability and safety concerns. Sealcoating is required after those repairs to protect the asphalt binder as well as to improve the appearance of your property.

We are able to serve the requests of property owners in Ottawa as we are locally owned and operated. Our expert and experienced pavement professionals can give on-site project recommendations as well as full application services to ensure exceptional results at cheap pricing.

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Freshly sealed and paved driveway


What our clients are saying about us


“They were very polite and very hard working. I would recommend the patch and seal team to everyone. Reasonable price and top notch work.”

Nhat Tran

“We just had our driveway sealed by Kyle & Mario. Very happy with the end result. Their attention to detail was impeccable. I highly recommend these two professionals.”

Allan Alguire

“Great job! I gotta say I was a bit leery about buying from a company selling door to door but since there was no contract or deposit required up front I was willing to take a chance on them. And it paid off. The team that arrived to do the work were very professional in their look, their speech and in their work. On time, clean, respectful and great work for a fair price. What more can you ask for?”

Catherine Fair

“We are very pleased with the excellent job done by The Patch and Seal Team. We had the ramp on our driveway replaced and everything resealed. Jesse and his crew showed up on time, were professional, and very efficient. They even guaranteed their work (which is rare for asphalt repairs) all at a very fair price! Thank you again to owner Jesse Morrison and your crew!”

Nancy Chow Jolliffe

“These guys are top notch! Went out of their way to meticulously clean our driveway and did a fantastic job on the cracks. Every line was perfectly clean. Really impressed!”

Andrew Krisciunas


While DIY is great for many things around the house, most homeowners in Ottawa find the best results by hiring pavement pros to seal driveways, or for services such as asphalt repair, etc. A quality job by a pavement professional keeps your home looking great.
We gladly invite you to read our reviews on Google and other trusted review sites. At Patch and Seal, we take great pride in the commercial property paving & repair work we do, and we’re proud of the reviews, referrals and repeat business we’ve earned for our Ottawa asphalt repair & paving services.
Our driveway sealer is 100% liquid asphalt, it is the same product used to make pavement but without the sand and rocks. We apply it at high pressure to ensure maximum penetration. This process restores your driveway’s strength, durability and appearance while prolonging its life.
When you fill out & send a form, you’re letting Patch and Seal know about how we can help with paving, sealing or repairing your driveway in Ottawa or nearby. Res assured, we’re the only ones seeing this information. Your information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company for any reason whatsoever. At Patch and Seal, we are committed to providing excellent service and quality driveway paving & repair work. That’s our bread and butter, and how we’ve earned great reviews, referrals and repeat business for our pavement services.
Sealing cracks in your driveway is essential for preserving its structural integrity and appearance. Water can enter cracks in the asphalt surface, which can cause a number of problems. During the winter months, when water seeps into the cracks and freezes, it grows and widens the fissures. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles can result in more severe damage, such as potholes and edges that are prone to collapsing.
The barrier you establish by sealing the crevices helps to reduce future damage by preventing water intrusion. Regular crack sealing prevents future, more expensive repairs while also extending the life of your driveway.
The ideal time to seal driveway cracks is during mild weather conditions when temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold. Given that the mild temperatures promote the best adherence of the sealing materials, spring and fall are frequently regarded as the finest times of year for crack sealing.
Cold weather can prevent proper curing, while hot weather can make the sealant dry too quickly. It is advised to wait for a time when the temperature is between 10°C and 27°C to get the greatest results.
DIY crack sealing products are available for small cracks, and they can be effective for minor maintenance. These products often come in liquid form, and a caulking gun is used to apply them. While DIY sealants can give a short-term fix for tiny cracks, it’s crucial to keep in mind that they could not offer the same level of resilience and longevity as professional-grade solutions used by knowledgeable contractors.
A professional’s advice is needed for larger or more extensive cracks. Professionals can ensure that the fractures are correctly sealed to stop further damage because they have access to higher-quality materials and the necessary knowledge. Employing a specialist can also assist in locating underlying problems that might need more involved fixes.