Every spring homeowners make it a priority to have their driveways properly sealed for the upcoming season, and repair any damage the winter may have caused.

Here at Patch & Seal, we have developed a foolproof system for expertly maintaining our client’s driveways without breaking the bank.

But how are you supposed to know what steps to take for your driveway’s overall longevity? We are so glad you asked.

How To Maintain Your Asphalt Driveway

Patch & Seal, has perfected the process of maintaining and repairing your driveway.

We understand there can be a lot to keep an eye out for when assessing your driveway. We have assembled this guide to the top three steps you should take to ensure your driveway is being properly cared for.

Read through our simple guide, and it will be clear to you how beneficial our services can be for the longevity of your driveway.

Regularly Clean The Asphalt

resurfacing an asphalt drivewayDoing a monthly deep clean of your asphalt driveway using soap and water is a great step toward maintaining your driveway. This will eliminate any unwanted dirt and grime from the asphalt. As well, it will remove any rust or grass fertilizer that poses the risk of staining your driveway.

If stains do appear on your driveway, use a commercial pressure washer to remove them. However, make sure not to pressure wash any cracks in your driveway to prevent any further damage.

Exploring options to help maintain the integrity of your driveway is a smart idea. Determine what you can handle, and when it is time to hire a professional.

Repair Small Cracks Annually

Every year, you should add asphalt driveway maintenance to your outdoor chore list. Inspect your driveway to look for any cracks that may have appeared over the course of the winter. Once a crack appears, if ignored, it can grow and become a larger hole.

We recommend repairing any cracks in your asphalt during the peak summer season when the air is dryer. This allows for the asphalt repair to seal properly.

Seal Asphalt Every Three Years

It is important to seal the asphalt on your driveway every three years to prevent water damage and prevent cracks on your driveway. This simple fix is cost-effective and can be performed efficiently by us here at Patch & Seal.

Contact us today and we will handle all of your driveway sealing needs. You won’t regret hiring Ottawa’s leading driveway experts to assist with whatever you may need.

Patch & Seal – Driveway Maintenance Perfected

Patch & Seal has helped hundreds of happy clients properly maintain their driveways in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are passionate about providing nothing but the best quality services when it comes to driveway sealing and service.

Contact us today to get started on your driveway’s needed repairs. We are happy to help throughout every stage of the process! You won’t regret it.